In Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, during the period 16th to 18th October 2014, was held by the General Assembly of the European Association of mutual guarantee companies – AECM, where the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian Inc. Banja Luka was admitted to full membership of this international organization.

Participation in this eminent meeting took director of the Fund, Mr. Radivoje Krcmar, executive director for legal and general affairs of the Fund, Mr. Igor Marčetić, and Mrs. Dragana Puzić, employed in the Fund.

On the first day of the conference, the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian has performed the presentation of their work and business, and after that the representatives of the members of the international association, which consists of the General Assembly, to vote and has unanimously decided that the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian Inc. Banja Luka became a full member of this international organization. In addition to the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian in the European Association of mutual guarantee companies – AECM received were three guarantee companies.

On the second day of the conference, as part of presentations on international cooperation guarantee companies, Slovenian Enterprise Fund (Slovenian Enterprise Fund) stressed the good cooperation on the road to joining the AECM, among others, and the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian, and we pointed out the cooperation and wholehearted support Slovenian Enterprise Fund on joining our Fund in AECM.

The conference was participated by representatives from 26 countries (15 European, North 2, five Asian, two South American, African 2), the European Commission, the European Investment Fund, the World Bank, the Minister of Trade and Customs of the Republic of Turkey, as well as Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey .

Otherwise, the European association of mutual guarantee companies – AECM is an organization founded in 1992 by six states, and in 2013 the number of members reached 39, from 20 EU countries and three non-EU countries (Montenegro, Russia and Turkey). AECM Headquarters in Brussels, the organization has its statute adopted by the Extraordinary General Assembly held AECM 2005. Portfolio have a guarantee of international organizations at the end of 2013 amounted to over 80 billion euros.


Statute stipulates that the AECM international non-profit association, that is constituted for an indefinite period, that includes mainly the activity of the European Union and the candidate countries for EU membership, that the organs of the Association General Assembly and Board of Directors.

There are different fields of activity of the association, of which we highlight as the most important members of the organization representing the interests of the
EU institutions and multilateral institutions, such as banking regulations, EU support programs, policies of small and medium-sized enterprises, regulation of state aid and so on.