On 10.12.2015. the representatives of the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian responded to the invitation of the municipality of Vlasenica and CARE International to attend the round table on the theme: “Improving business opportunities in the municipality of Vlasenica.” Said meeting was held within the project “Inclusive economic growth and employment creation in the Eastern BIH-Dialer region “for the implementation of which is in charge of CARE organizations.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Branislav Tanasijević, CARE International project manager and Mr. Dragoslav Todorovic, Head of the municipality of Vlasenica. The issues discussed related to the construction business environment Vlasenica Municipality: current joint activities of local authorities and businessmen, investments and programs that support local economic development priorities of stakeholders in the construction business environment and creating employment in this area.

Participants in the meeting, among which were representatives of local associations and organizations, and microcredit companies actively participated in the meeting, presenting their own activities, as well as the problems faced in their work. Mr. Nebojsa Arbutina, Executive Director for Economic and Financial Affairs in the Guarantee Fund of the Republic of Serbian took the opportunity to address the audience and presents the work and activities of the Fund. He stressed the need for cooperation between the Fund and local communities to support the local businesses and accelerate their development.

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